Learning About The Power Of Positive Affirmations

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Learning About The Power Of Positive Affirmations

Hello, my name is Jake. When I was in college, I frequently failed exams and struggled to make peace with my inability to thrive in a competitive environment. As I hit rock bottom, I discovered the power of positive affirmations. I adopted a strategy that involved the use of positive affirmations to ready myself for difficult situations. I want to use this site to explore all of the benefits of using positive affirmations to improve your confidence and wellbeing. I hope to inspire others to adopt this healthy coping technique. Thank you for coming to visit my site. I will see you again soon.



How College Student Leaders Can Deal With Depression And Anxiety Of College Campuses

Sometimes it is much easier to talk to a peer about issues than it is to talk to an authority figure. If you are a leader in a student organization on campus, this provides you and your organization with specific roles that you can fill to aid your fellow students. Many colleges deal with depression and anxiety throughout their student base. This can be an especially big problem during finals or mid-terms, when the stress is even higher. If you are looking for ways to help promote positive mental health on your college campus, here are some activities that you can coordinate. 

Weekly talk sessions

It can often be a stress relieving activity to just get together and talk over issues. Help organize a weekly meeting in dorm common areas or in college common areas for all students to attend. Have one person act as the peer mediator and start off the round table discussion. If you have a large campus, be sure that you have enough leaders to help create smaller groups so that everyone can properly talk and discuss any of their problems and concerns. Having this weekly meet up outlet can help some students feel better throughout the week. 

Organize self-help gurus

Guest speakers are a mainstay at most college campuses. Bring in a self-help speaker, like one from Inner Engineering, that can talk about depression and how to overcome anxiety while in school. Having someone provide the steps and tools necessary to get through a grueling time will be a relief to some students. Look for speakers who have gone through a battle with depression themselves but have overcome. Seeing that there is a light at the end of a fairly short tunnel can be a breakthrough for some students. 

Distribute anxiety and depression tips

Either through email, campus posters, or small items like bookmarks that can be created in mass quantities, print out some helpful tips on handling anxiety and depression. These can include taking a break, going on a campus activity, or joining a campus club. Be sure to add the name of some mental health resources, including the phone number to the college counseling office and some crisis hotlines that can be utilized for depression and anxiety. Make this information readily available throughout the campus so that all students have access to anything they may need when going through a hard time. Encourage students to also be there for one another in the event that they notice that another classmate is going through a difficult time.